rose jam

Most of us are thinking about how we can get ready for Halloween, but the beauty world is getting ready for the holiday season. Many brands have been previewing and/or releasing their Holiday 2017 collections with Lush being one of the most recent ones to do so. Good news, Lushies, the brand is bringing back one of its most beloved products for Christmas 2017, the Rose Jam Shower Gel ($9.95).

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Lush dropped its holiday range online recently. There are many new amazing launches including bubble bars, bath bombs, soaps, luxury bath melts and body lotions, but the thing that fans quickly realized was that some old favorites have made reappearances for Christmas 2017 and Rose Jam was one of them.

If you missed Rose Jam the first time around, you’re going to want to make sure that you pick it up this time. Even if you don’t like eating rose jam on toast, you’ll love this shower gel. The fun shower gel has a bright pink color and it contains a delicious lemon-rose scent. It’s made with goji berry, a vanilla pod infusion, argan oil, plus the obvious rose and lemon oils for a fruity floral finish.

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If you’ve ever tried the Jason And The Argan Oil Bar ($11.95)Rose Jam Bubbleroon ($8.95) or Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner ($35.95), you’ll recognize the rose scent.

If you want to stick with the classic Rose Jam Shower Gel, it’s available in two sizes: a 3.3. fl oz for $9.95 and a 8.4 fl oz for $24.95. Plus, it’s also going to be available in a package-free version.

No matter what version of Rose Jam you get, be aware that the product is still limited edition. We’ll have to keep crossing over fingers that it will earn itself a permanent spot in Lush’s collection.

(Photo: Lush)