The cold weather makes us want to warm up with a long soak in the tub. Lush clearly knows what we’re thinking because the brand has launched 17 new solid Luxury Bath Oils (from $5.95 each).

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You might have tried some of Lush’s Luxury Bath Melts from its Christmas 2017 range. The Luxury Bath Oils differ slightly from the melts because they have a higher concentration of oils whereas the Luxury Bath Melts have a mixture of oils and butters. Both products come in adorable solid packaging which melt and turn the water unicorn colors while emitting a delicious scent.

It will be difficult to choose which new Bath Oil to use first as there are scents and designs to suit every mood. The prices range from $5.95 to $7.95 per bath oil. The line includes Dreamtime ($6.95), a lavender-infused bath oil; Floating Island ($5.95); a round bath oil that smells like delicious vanilla custard; Ginger ($5.95); a spicy ginger bath oil with a glistening finish; and Flower’s Barrow ($7.95); an organic shea-butter infused bath oil sculpted out of dried flowers.

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No matter what bath oils you want to collect, you can shop them now on the Lush website and in stores. Who’s ready for a soak in the tub?