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It’s the last day of February which means that once it gets into March, our thoughts are going to be focused on spring. With that comes Easter. The holiday is earlier this year, but Lush is on top of things because the brand has already previewed its Easter 2018 collection.

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If you loved Lush’s Easter collection from last year, you will love this year’s range because it features some old favorites along with some new ones. Lushies will be happy to know that there are lots of adorable products on offer include Bubblerooms, bath bombs (obvs), Naked Shower Gels, Knot Wraps and Wrapped Gifts. What’s more us, Lush reveals that the entire range is 100 percent vegan, handmade and packaging-free.


Some of the new offering include Possion d’Avril ($10.95), an adorable fish-shaped bubble bar that turns the water bring orange while emitting a zesty black pepper and cinnamon scent;  Here Comes The Sun ($9.95), a tangerine Naked Shower Gel that’s actually made with fresh orange juice; and the Seven Deadly Spins ($5.95), a reusable bubble bar that turns the water bright yellow and actually spins around.

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Some of the oldies but goodies coming back include Bunch of Carrots ($8.95), a trio of reusable bubble bars that are shared like different colored carrots; Golden Egg ($7.95), a shimmering Bath Bomb Melt that smells like honey and toffee and the Which Came First? Bath Bombs ($12.95 each). There are striped and spot versions and each bath bomb has a citrusy scent and features a surprise in the hollow middle.

The Lush Easter 2018 range is currently available on the Lush website and it will be dropping in stores March 1. Just remember that it’s not going to be around forever so get it before it goes.

The Lush Easter collection will be available in stores on March 1.

(Photos: Lush)