Lush has a way of taking the latest trends and making them its own. And usually that results in a killer product. Remember the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar? Well, the company has gone peak 2017 and created a fidget spinner bubble bar, the Bubble Spinner.

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We’ve already seen a fidget spinner lip gloss, but the Bubble Spinner is something else. The geniuses in the Lush Kitchen have created a limited-edition bubble bar that actually works as a fidget spinner. Therefore, you can take a soak in the tub while enjoying the spinning sensation you get from a regular fidget spinner. And the Bubble Spinner is also reusable, just like Lush’s other bubble bars.

If you want one (and we know you do), the issue is that the Bubble Spinner is only currently available in the United Kingdom. And even if you’re there, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get one because the creation sold out within an hour after it was launched.

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Let’s cross our fingers and toes that the Lush Kitchen starts whipping up even more of these so they’ll be available worldwide. Because even those who are anti-fidget spinners are going to love the Bubble Spinners.