There are lots of bath bombs, but no one does bath bombs quite like Lush. With every collection, the company releases innovative bath bombs that smell delicious and turn the water into a proper unicorn bath. If you’re stocking up on the brand’s new Holiday 2017 bath bombs, you’re going to want to make some room—or make that a lot of room—for Lush’s new two-pound bath bomb, the Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb ($19.95).

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This baby is huge. To be precise, it’s five times the size of the traditional Golden Wonder Bath Bomb ($7.75). Like the original, the Giant Golden Wonder comes in a a cute golden present shape topped with a white bow design.


When you drop the monster in the tub, it starts dissolving into swirls of white and golden yellow. Then you get to the surprise blue center and plastic-free shimmer. The experience is enhanced with the champagne-scented bath. It has notes of orange and lime for an uplifting experience.

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If you don’t want to use the massive bath bomb up for one luxurious bath, you can always chop up sections and use them for multiple baths. No matter what you do, you’re going to have an enjoyable soak in the tub.

(Photo: Lush)