Ariana Grande recently dropped the highly anticipated “God is a Woman” song and music video. Most people were touched by the lyrics while others were struck by the imagery in the video. Lush also seemed to be moved by it because the company began making a bath bomb inspired by “God is a Woman.”

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Bath bomb fans might have noticed the similarities between bath bomb art and Ariana Grande’s music video when she is surrounded by the streaks of purple, gray and white. That is the look that Lush is trying to replicate. Lush Chief Digital Officer Jack Constantine took to Instagram last week to share images of the brand hard at work creating the bath bomb.

Sure enough the product had the pale purple, white and gray colors when it melted in the bath bomb. Jack showed a few different versions and revealed that there was still work to be done on the prototype. Recently, Jack showed off the finish bath bomb on Instagram and revealed that it is being sent to Ariana Grande fresh from the Lush Labs.

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The finished product is a circular purple bath bomb with a speckled ring of white and dark purple. There’s also a rounded cutout on one side.

There is no word on whether the “God is a Woman” bath bomb is going to be coming to stores, but fingers crossed Ariana likes it enough that we all get to experience those swirling purple waters.