Do you have your Halloween countdown going? Are you currently perfecting your Halloween makeup? Are you finalizing your list of your Halloween movies to watch? There’s one more thing you have to do: Check out Lush‘s newly launched Halloween collection because it is boooootiful.

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Lush announced the collection on Instagram and unveiled some adorable new bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, jelly bombs and shower creams. The launch is also special because it features two permanent exfoliants. Instead of being limited-edition products that disappear after Halloween, the Magic Crystals Shower Scrub ($17.95) and Scrub Scrub Scrub Shower Scrub ($17.95) will be able to be purchased any time of the year. Magic Crystals is a bewitching purple scrub. It contains Epsom crystals and a blend of peppermint, sage and rosemary to soothe tired muscles. Scrub Scrub Scrub is a black exfoliant formulated with charcoal and blackcurrant absolute. Oh, it smells like gummy candy. No tricks about it.

The new bath bombs in the Lush Halloween 2018 collection are: Monster’s Ball ($7.95), a purple cyclops formulated with neroli oil that turns the water blue and pink; Lord of Misrule ($7.95), a pale green sphere made with patchouli and black pepper oils that has a surprise wine-colored center; Eyeball ($7.95) an eye-shaped bath bomb begging for a selfie that’s formulated with lavender oil and ylang ylang and turns the water red; and the Ectoplasm Jelly Balm ($7.95). The purple and white bath bomb oozes out jelly made from seaweed to soften the skin. It has a zesty grapefruit and tangerine oil scent.

Then we get to the Ghosts in the Dark Soap ($6.95), a moisturizing soap made with cocoa butter, lemongrass oil and coconut oil that’s shaped like a ghost. Yes, it does glow in the dark. There are two new bubble bars. Sparkly Pumpkin ($6.95) has a self-explanatory name and mixes juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils for an invigorating scent. Bewitched ($6.95) is for all cat fans. The bath bomb is shaped like a black cat’s head complete with yellow eyes. It features bergamot oil.

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Finally, we get to the Ectoplasm Shower Cream ($9.95). It shares the name with the jelly bomb but looks completely different thanks to its neon yellow-green color. It’ll wake you up for the color and the grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin orange formulation.

The Lush Halloween 2018 collection is available to shop online now. If you want to shop in stores, it will be in shops by September 20. That still leaves us plenty of time to get our hands on things before October 31 rolls around.