Jelly used to be one of those things that was great on toast, but beyond that, it wasn’t the most exciting of things. Then Lush came along and made jelly a lot more interesting with its Shower Jellies. The brand is about to make jellies even better with the launch of Jelly Face Masks, and we are so ready for this jelly.

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If you’re already a fan of Lush’s pleasantly squishy shower gels, you’re going to want to add the Lush Jelly Face Masks to your regular masking routine. The jellies come in tubs where you’re able to remove a bit of product for each masking session. You rub the jelly around in your palms until it forms an easy-to-apply paste. You’re then able to spread the jelly around on skin and let it work its magic.


There are five products in the range that each target a different skincare concern. Bunny Moon helps soothe sensitive skin thanks to honey and rose. FOMO helps neutralize redness while Birth of Venus uses sea water to revive skin. Just to Clarify is a papaya-rich mask that boost luminosity and 1000 Millihelens contains anti-inflammatory green tea and witch hazel to clean skin and improve its tone and texture.

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Want more jelly in your life? We’ll be able to get the Lush Jelly Face Masks from September 1 when they launch in Lush stores and online. Each one will sell for $13.95.

The Lush Jelly Face Masks will launch September 1.

(Photos: Lush)