Thanks to the global place we live in, people around the world have access to many of the same beauty products. But, there are always special launches that are only available in particular places. Lush has had a few limited launches like its first foundation and the Naked Solid Liquid Soaps. Another Lush collection that wasn’t available on this side of the pond is Lush Moods. That’s changing because the range is officially coming to North America.

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Lush made the announcement on Instagram and showed off the range at the Lush Showcase 2018. If you’re not familiar with the range, Lush describes it as a collection of “super concentrated bath bombs, Bubble Bars and lotions.” And of course the line wouldn’t have “mood” in the title for no reason. There’s a bath time product to suit your mood whether you’re looking to relax, have some fun or zone out.

The Lush UK website explains more about the collection, writing that it’s a spa-inspired concept that will change the game of aromatherapy. The Mood Range launched in the United Kingdom as part of #LushLabs and initially featured a Sleepy bath bomb, which was the close cousin of the beloved dream time cream. Right now, the collection includes Not Sleepy, an electric yellow-green shower bomb, and Koyaanisqatsi a pale blue spin top-like shower bomb.

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In the preview video for the range, we can see a host of products including the two aforementioned ones, an orange spinner, a tab called Brave and more. Oh, and we cannot forget that adorable bath bomb/Bubble Bar that’s shaped like a tree.

Lush didn’t give us a date when the Moods range will drop in North America, but it told us to stay tuned on its social media channels. Watch this space for more details.