It wouldn’t be a holiday without an adorable Lush collection. The beauty brand had us covered for Easter and Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry because Lush is also hooking us up for Mother’s Day. The brand recently released its 2018 Mother’s Day range and it has a mix of bath bombs, soaps and bubbleroons to pamper your mom.

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The Lush Mother’s Day range features 12 pieces with 11 of them being new additions. There are three bath bombs, two soaps, one bubble bar, one massage bar, three bubbleroons and two hand-wrapped gifts in the collection. The products range in price from $4.95 to $79.95. If you’re wondering what the old favorite they brought back is, that’s the Baa Bar ($6.95) an adorable sheep-shaped bubble bar that fills the tub up with bubbles and a relaxing scent.

On the bath bomb front, there’s the Incredible Mom ($5.95), a zesty bath bomb complete with a little mask and a “cape;” Madame President ($5.95); a pink and blue bath bomb decked out with stars that smells like grapefruit and Mom, Look What I Made For You ($4.95), a flower-shaped bath bomb that has coconut in it and turns the water yellow, pink and purple.

The soaps include the delectable-sounding Strawberry Milkshake ($9.95) and Purple Loosestripe ($7.95), a lavender, rose, hibiscus and violet soap with a floral design on the front. Not to be overlooked is the Honey Bear Massage Bar ($9.95) which is shaped like a little bear face and smells just like honey.

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If you cannot decide or want Lush to handle the wrapping, try the Honey Mummy Wrapped Gift ($54.95) or the Happy Mother’s Day Wrapped Gift ($79.95).

There’s still a few weeks to go until Mother’s Day rolls around on May 13, but there’s no guarantee that all the items in the collection will be available until then.