The good news from Lush jut keeps on coming. The brand recently announced that it was making the limited-edition Scrubee part of its permanent collection. And now Lush is bringing back the popular Shark Fin Soap ($5.95).

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Fans of the soap might remember that Lush previously partnered with environmentalist and filmaker Rob Stewart to help raise awareness about ocean conservation and shark protection. For World Oceans Day (June 8) Lush decided to relaunch the popular Shark Fin Soap in honor of the late activist.

The limited-edition soap is vegan and made with ocean inspired ingredients including seaweed and fine sea salt for exfoliating. Add in some coconut oil and lime oil and you have a soap that will take you right to the beach. And of course you cannot overlook the adorable paper shark fin on top of it.

In addition to being Instagram-worthy and nourishing, the Lush Shark Fin Soap also helps to further Rob’s conversations efforts. When you purchase the soap, 100% of the sales price will go towards a foundation supporting the completion of Rob’s film Sharkwater: Extinction, which was still being made at the time of his passing.

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The Lush Shark Fin Soap is available now on the Lush website. Just remember that it is limited edition so you don’t want this soap to “swim” away before you have had a chance to get it for a second time.