LUSH Shower JelliesRemember how much fun bath time was when you were a kid? We had shampoo bottles that were shaped like fish, bath products that turned the water crazy colors and of course you cannot forget about your favorite rubber duck. As adults, our bath routines aren’t as fun as they used to be. Yes, we can choose from a variety of delicious-smelling body washes and luxurious bars of soap but our routine is more-get-in-and-get-out-so-we-aren’t-late-for-work. Our routine could use a bit of fun which is why I was intrigued when I saw Lush‘s Shower Jellies.

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The Shower Jellies range in price from $6.95 to $19.95. They are brightly colored, wobbly, smell great and come in little pots. When you take them out, they could easily pass for Jell-O. However, you definitely do not want to eat them. Here is what they look like in their pots:LUSH Shower Jelly Pots

Different than your body wash bottle. Here is what they look like when you remove them:LUSH Shower Jelly BlueRemember what I said abut the Jell-O? To truly appreciate just how wobbly they are, here is a GIF of one:Shower JellyCan your bar of soap do that? I will refrain from making a “ready for this jelly” joke here. The jellies are made with a seaweed gel base combined with fruit extracts, essential oils and juices. Not only are they fun to look at and play with but they smell amazing. The citrusy Refresher is one of my favorites. They have great scents but they aren’t so strong that they will clash will whatever perfume you put on when you get out of the bath.

To use the jelly, you can either take a small amount and crush it into a loofah then apply it, or you can use the jelly like a bar of soap. (You can even use it as a shampoo.) I tried both methods and prefer the second one because it’s more fun. The Shower Jelly will slip and slide a bit but not so much that it will be constantly flying out of your hand. Just note that you may be tempted to throw it against the shower wall just to see what will happen.

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The jelly produces a very good lather. For some reason I didn’t think that it would gets as sudsy as a regular bath product but it did and it leaves your skin feeling very soft.

If you want another fun way to use the Shower Jellies, you can pop them in the fridge or freezer, then take them out before you step in the shower. It is a great hot/cold experience that boosts circulation and feels great. If you are wondering what the frozen jelly looks like, it doesn’t look any different compared to an unfrozen one:LUSH Shower Jelly Frozen

They Shower Jelly is just as wobbly and you should have no trouble getting it out of its pot when you remove it from the fridge/freezer.

Fizzy bath products and extra-foaming body washes were fun but I may love the Shower Jellies more than any of the nostalgic bath products. They smell great and they are fun to use but won’t have you spending an extra 20 minutes getting clean. Plus, a little bit goes a long way so I can see them lasting longer than your regular bar of soap or body wash, which is important now that mom and dad aren’t buying the fun bath products.