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Lush is so much more than bath bombs and squiggly shower jellies.  The beauty brand also has a great selection of makeup. And the makeup range is getting expanded with the launch of the limited-edition Slap Stick Solid Foundation — which will be available in 40 shades.

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There is a clear trend with beauty brands expanding their foundation offering with 40ish shades. Recently, SmashboxColourPop CosmeticsBenefit CosmeticsTarteCOVERGIRLand CoverFX have all come out with new formulas. Of course, Lush isn’t a company to follow the rest. The Slack Stick Foundation separates itself for being a vegan, cruelty-free solid foundation.


Don’t automatically assume that the Slap Sticks are cylindrical stick foundations. They’re actually a rounded egg-like shape that might draw comparisons to beautyblenders and makeup sponges. Part of the Lush Slap Stick foundation has been dipped in a peelable wax so you can hold it without getting fingers dirty. The packaging-free product will arrive in a recyclable cardboard box to keep it in perfect condition.

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The Slap Stick Foundation comes in neutral, warm and cool finishes to help you get the most realistic match. The breathable, medium coverage formula can be applied with a brush or fingers. Lush warns that you only need a little product because it will go along way. The formula is unique because it’s made with a whopping 45% coconut oil, plus Peruvian jojoba oil, to hydrate skin and impart a post-facial glow.


There’s only one caveat. The foundations are only launching in the UK. They’re limited edition and an online exclusive that’s part of Lush Labs. Glamour reported that there were production delays with the foundation over on this side of the pond so it’s unclear when and if the foundation will launch.

Let’s cross our fingers that the Slap Stick Foundation is enough of a success that it will launch worldwide and become a permanent part of Lush’s makeup range.

(Photos: Lush)