Twinkle like the night sky with our new Sparkle Jars. Will you choose Snow Fairy or Twilight? Link in bio! ??? #swishuponastar

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There are countless highlighters for us to strobe our faces with, but there aren’t as many that work on our bodies. Some highlighter palettes would be gone pretty fast if we started applying them head to toe. That’s why we were pleased to see that Lush Cosmetics has launched Sparkle Jars ($9.95) as part of its Holiday 2017 range.

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The Sparkle Jars are available in two different options, Twilight and Snow Fairy. Twilight is shaped like a pale purple moon and delivers a soothing lavender scent and cool shimmer. The Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar is shaped like a pink star and smells just like cotton candy. When it’s rubbed on skin, it delivers a prismatic glow.

While the scents and sparkles might differ slightly, both bars are used in the same way. Each one has holes on the top of them. Once you’ve safely gotten your Sparkle Jar home from the store, poke through the holes and the Sparkle Jar becomes a shaker that releases a shimmering powder inside. After rubbing the Sparkle Jar on skin, the shimmering powder can be applied on top for times when you want extra sparkle.

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If your sparkle philosophy is the more the better, you can combine the Sparkle Jar with other shimmering powders once the shaker/jar is empty. Lush suggests melting the Sparkle Jar down so you can get your full use out of it.

No matter what you do, we suggest you stock up on a few Sparkle Jars to see you through the holiday season as well as the rest of the year. The Sparkle Jars are part of Lush’s Holiday range so they probably won’t be around forever.