If you love a product, do you tend to stockpile it so you never run out? And do you try to buy the biggest container the brand makes? If so, you’re going to like Lush‘s new launch. The beauty brand has expanded its range to include supersized versions of some of its best-selling bath, body, skincare and mask products.

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Lush made the announcement of its XL pots on Instagram. There are 11 products that have been given the supersized treatment. The full range includes Dream Cream Body Lotion ($49.95)Sleepy Body Lotion ($32.95), Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub ($37.95), Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub ($74.95)Ro’s Argan Self-Preserving Body Conditioner ($59.95) and the Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask ($45.95).


On the hair front there’s the Roots Hair Treatment ($37.95)Retreat Conditioner ($54.95), Jersey Bounce Shampoo ($32.95), Big Shampoo ($47.95) and R&B Hair Moisturizer ($79.95).

Your eyes might water slightly at some of the prices, but you’re actually saving in the long run. And you’re getting a lot of product. The XL pots each have 15.8 oz compared to the typical 8.4 oz. That means you’re almost getting a pound of the good stuff in the supersized versions.

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If you remember, this isn’t the first time Lush has went big. The brand previously created extra large versions of some of its popular products on the bath bomb front.

As for the XL pots, the supersized launches are available to shop online now. They will roll out in select Lush shops from July 20. Remember to save them because when you bring back five Lush pots to the store, you get a fresh face mask.

The Lush supersized spots  will launch in select Lush shops from July 20.

(Photo: Lush)