Relaxing in the bath after a long day is one of the most enjoyable experiences, especially if it’s filled with a frothy bubble bath or bath bomb. But, those are not our only options. Lush has a new product to make bath times more enjoyable — the Turtle Jelly Bomb ($7.95).

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If you’re a keen Lushie, you probably remember that the adorable Turtle Jelly Bomb was teased a few weeks ago for World Oceans Day on June 8. Lush revealed that it was “coming this summer” but didn’t give a specific date. Well, that time is now.

The Turtle Jelly Bomb ties into World Oceans Day because it’s a fizzer that’s free of packaging. It also has ocean-inspired ingredients and colors. Drop the jelly bomb into the tub and it dissolves into a sea (sorry) of green and blue water. What’s more, it contains agar agar seaweed strands, seaweed absolute and sandalwood for a by-the-ocean scent.

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If you order the jelly bomb online, note that it’s shipped in biodegradable packing peanuts so the environment is still taken into consideration. (It also helps keep the sweet turtle-shaped bath bomb intact.)

Those who want even more jelly bombs in their lives, can try the three other options. There’s the calming lavender-scented The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb ($8.95), the invigorating orange Marmalade Jelly Bomb ($8.95) and the beachy Green Coconut Jelly Bomb ($8.95).