Scent is a powerful thing. Scent can transport us to another place, evoke nostalgic memories and it’s, unsurprisingly, connected to attraction. Remember our recent experiment with vanilla perfume, aka the supposed man-trapping scent? There is a lot of science behind aroma and attraction; it isn’t just about simply liking a perfume because it smells like cocktails and you love margaritas.

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Luz de la Riva is the founder of her namesake intimate cosmetics and accessories line. The range draws inspiration from natural aphrodisiacs and appealing scents to create products that balance sexuality and sensuality. The line includes fragrance, massage oil, lubricant and bath products that are all designed to appeal to one’s erotic tendencies. We spoke to Luz about the connection between scent, aphrodisiacs and attraction.

Q. What are pheromones?

A. Pheromones are chemicals released in the brain that attracts us to certain things, sometimes it’s sexual in nature, and sometimes it’s just a good euphoric feeling.

Q. How exactly do you integrate them into beauty products?

A. Touch and smell are very important to aid the body’s natural release of pheromones. We use natural pheromones in our proprietary composure of fine fragrances and flavors. We worked directly with perfumers to create concoctions of unique aphrodisiacs. The formulation of natural ingredients and essential oils are meant to leave the body feeling good to the touch.

We stress that Luz de la Riva’s Intimate Cosmetics are not only meant to be used during intimate moments, but can be used every day to feel “Everyday Sexy.”

We also try to avoid using any harsh or toxic chemicals. Our greatest concern is the heath of the user. This is why we avoid parabens, talc and SLS’s, to name a few.Luz De La Riva Massage Oil

Q. Can you go into more detail about the aphrodisiac properties of aroma?

A. Our fragrances have been uniquely developed as aphrodisiacs that help release pheromones, and most importantly, the hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone released many different ways through our senses, whether it be different smells, taste or touch. One of the body’s strongest releases of oxytocin is during orgasm. Our reaction to oxytocin is quite interesting. Oxytocin intensifies feelings and is often called the “bonding hormone”. It’s what makes us feel close to another person. We construct fragrances and flavors that help aid the body’s release of oxytocin, while invoking euphoric and sensual feelings.Luz De La Riva Lily Perfume

Q. What notes/smells have the strongest aphrodisiac properties?

A. Our composure of fragrances and flavors are all meant to conjure feelings of sensuality and euphoria. While our fragrances are proprietary, we all react uniquely, and are meant to be experimented with sensuality while letting one’s personal passions and interest shine through.

Q. Is there specific note that you avoid that counteract the aphrodisiac properties?

A. Our reaction to smells in profoundly unique. One note that might not be appealing to one person will have a sensual effect on another. The most important note is the one that is appealing to you. We simply provide certain tools to help aid sensual experimentation.

Check out Luz de la Riva to see the full range of products.

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