We’re especially #blessed this week because MAC Cosmetics has unveiled not one but two major collaborations. First, the brand unveiled its follow up to the first highly successful Nicki Minaj collection. While we were drooling over the two new “seductive” neutral lipsticks, we also noticed that MAC was teasing another major announcement. Most of us assumed that it would be related to Nicki, but the beauty brand just announced that it would be launching an Aaliyah collection.

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There have been countless MAC collaborations, but there has never been an Aaliyah one. People have taken to social media to beg the beauty brand to create one, and there have been rumors floating around that it was going to happen, but now we have official proof that the MAC x Aaliyah collection is coming at long last.

In the Instagram post, MAC didn’t unveil much information. Sadly, there are no product shots or swatches. The post simply features a graphic of the MAC Cosmetics x Aaliyah collection. In the caption, the brand writes about how Aaliyah’s influence continues to inspire us all and how Aaliyah fans can come together to celebrate the launch.

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MAC did reveal that the collection will be coming in Summer 2018 so expect to see some teasers about the highly anticipated collection in the upcoming months.