MAC Cosmetics McQueen collectionBackstage at Alexander McQueen Fall ’07, the look was bold with flashes of unexpected colour. M·A·C artists, under lead artist, Terry Barber, contrasted the dark yet dynamic forms of McQueen’s collection with looks in which the eyes played the diva-warrior role. Setting ultra-pale, lightly pearled lips against eyes shadowed lid-to-brow in blue and chartreuse, lined in the classic “cat’s eye” of Egyptian royalty, the look became
uncompromisingly strong and graphic. Intriguing in tone, bewitching in application, this is a collection that veers
ever so colourfully to the dark side.

Masque: Rosy dirty pink
Archetype: Sheer light gold

McQueen BeautyLipglass:
Nothingless: White gold with yellow pearl
White Magic: Soft baby pink with white pearl

This collection also contains eyeshadow, paint pots, mineralize skin finish, kohl powder and mascara. It’ll be available on October 11th.