Fashion Month has so much going on thanks to all of the new fashion trends, the FROW, the amazing street style and the beauty looks. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything, but it’s important to keep your eyes open during the shows because they often tease up-and-coming beauty products. The perfect example of this is the new MAC Cosmetics Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette that was recently teased during  Milan Fashion Week.

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POPSUGAR reported that a few MAC makeup artists, including MAC Senior Makeup Artist Netta Szekley, took to Instagram backstage at the shows to give us a preview of the upcoming palette. Spoiler alert: The palette is anything but basic.

From the teaser photos, we can see that the palette has a white and black chevron case with “Basic Bitch” written in large white letters. The actual palette contains nine shades with cheeky names like “Hell in Heels,” “Love This Bitch” and “Me Me Me.”

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Netta describes the palette as being an eyeshadow one, but the pinky “Love This Bitch” shade is considerably bigger than the rest. Either it’s meant to be a base eyeshadow or it could also double as a highlighter.

We’ll hopefully find out soon enough. Netta didn’t share any specific launch details about the Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette, but she did hint that it was coming soon.