Beauty brands have really upped their game for Valentine’s Day. We’ve seen dreamy makeup collections that have been bigger and better than ever. If you thought that the V-Day collections have all launched, MAC Cosmetics has one more thing to give you. The beauty brand is launching a Betty Boop lipstick on February 14.

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MAC has a history of amazing collaborations and you can add this one to the list. While we don’t get a full Betty Boop collection, we still get one gorgeous red lipstick. The shade is a classic red lipstick that will make you feel like a pin-up girl.

MAC Betty Boop

Similar to the other lipsticks in MAC’s regular range, the Betty Boop lipstick comes in a sleek black tube with silver detailing.

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If you like the lipstick, there is always hope that we could get a full Betty Boop collection in the future. Caitlyn Jenner first released a lipstick with MAC before she launched a full collection this year. Maybe MAC will surprise us with a full Betty Boop collection for Easter? Fingers crossed.

The MAC Cosmetics x Betty Boop Lipstick will launch on February 14.

(Photo: MAC Cosmetics)