??: I'm falling in love with these incredible new lip scrubs by @maccosmetics!! ?#maclipscrubtious is a sugar based exfoliator that uses shea butter and grape seed oil to instantly soften your lips! ………………… ? I'm definitely impressed with how silky smooth my lips are afterward, & using Liptensity right after keeps them comfortable and cushioned throughout the day! It's a perfect winter pairing!! ……………….. ?UPDATE: Launching January 5, and will be permanent additions to the line!! ? ………………. Seen here from top to bottom: ?: Hellbore Liptensity & Summer Berry Scrubtious ?: Toast & Butter Liptensity & Brown Sugar Scrubtious ?: Gumball Liptensity & Fruit Passion Srubtious ?: Lobster Liptensity & Candied Nectar Scrubtious ?: Sweet Vanilla Scrubitious #scrubtious #lipscrubtious

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The winter weather can wreak havoc on our hair and skin. It can also destroy our lips. It only takes one cold snap for our lips to go from nicely hydrated to being dry and flaky. Thankfully MAC Cosmetics is making it easier to keep our pouts looking perfect with its new range of Lip Scrubtious Lip Scrubs.

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MAC Global Senior Makeup Artist Ashley Rudder posted a photo of the new lip scrubs on Instagram. She described them as sugar-based scrubs that contain grape seed oil and shea butter to soften your lips. There are five yummy flavors to choose including: Candied Nectar Scrubtious, Brown Sugar Scrubtious,  Summer Berry Scrubtious, Fruit Passion Scrubtious and Sweet Vanilla Scrubtious. (Are you drooling yet?) Each of the scrubs comes packaged in a bright pot that will make it easy to find in your makeup bag.

If you’re already excited about the delicious range, here’s another big reason to be happy: Ashley reports that these are permanent additions to the MAC collection. Unlike a lot of blink-and-they-are-gone limited-edition collections, you will be able to pick up the Scrubtious scrubs any time of the year. And you don’t have to be quite as concerned if they sell out.

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You’ll be able to pick up your favorite Scrubtious scrub(s) starting in the new year. Allure reports that the range in will launch January 12. That means you only have a few days left to deal with dry, chapped lips on your own.