mac  metallic

Matte lipsticks have been the finish of choice for awhile now. Our obsession with them got to the point where we pretty much forgot that other lipstick finishes existed, but metallic lips have slowly started to take over. Now MAC Cosmetics is launching the Metallic Lips collection and it’s enough to make you leave your matte lipsticks behind.

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MAC has already given us some brilliant launches recently including its rainbow mascaras from its Work It Out collection and its gorgeous Betty Boop Lipstick for Valentine’s Day. Never one to rest of its laurels, the brand is back at it again with the Metallic Lips line. The range includes 18 lipsticks with prismatic finishes.

Whether you’re looking for neutral shades or a color from the rainbow, the Metallic Lips line has a few different options for you. Colors include emerald green, shocking mauve, smoky gray, periwinkle, pinky nude, warm peach and deep raspberry.

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If you want to mix up your makeup bag, the Metallic Lips line drops March 23 and each lippy will set you back $17. We’ve only got 10 days to go until the collection hits so you might as well start weaning yourself off of your matte lipstick now.

The MAC Cosmetics Metallic Lips collection will launch on March 23.

(Photo: MAC Cosmetics)