The MAC Cosmetics Lipglasses are a cult favorite thanks to their wet-look finish and range of fun colors. The MAC Dazzleglass was a product that glitter fans loved in particular thanks to its megawatt shine. Sadly, the Dazzleglass was discontinued in 2016, but MAC has swiftly brought it back, and the range is better than ever.

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The latest version of the Dazzleglass ($17) still has the same glittery finish that takes your kisser to the next level. The gloss actually contains large particle pearls that refract light to mimic the shine or opal and quartz crystals. The Dazzleglasses may be big on prismatic shimmer, but they’re not sticky or tacky. And they’re surprisingly lightweight. You also don’t have to worry about any of the grainy feel you can sometimes experience with glitter glosses.


The MAC Cosmetics Dazzleglasses are now available in 16 fun new shades which range from pink to red to purple. There are also some fun rainbow colors in the line including Comet Blue (prismatic denim blue), Funtabulous (electric pink) and Pleasure Principle (clear white violet).

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There’s no need to wait to update your lip gloss collection because the Dazzleglasses are available now on the MAC Cosmetics website. What are you waiting for? It’s time to shine on.



(Photos: MAC Cosmetics)