mac electro flashI have to say, I am loving the color combinations of the new MAC Electro Flash Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos. My favorite so far has got to be “Odd Couple,” a mix of gold, lavender, bronze and a purple frost. Although any time I put purple toned colors on my eyes it instantly transports me back to 1988 and my infamous school picture of me with huge bouffant-like hair, Married With Children-like bangs, my favorite Benetton sweater and bright purple and rose colored eye shadow. Thank God I’ve learned how to do makeup since then…

This particular eye shadow has semi-large mica in the gold that will sprinkle about mac electroflash eyeshadowyour face as you apply it. I suggest using Shadow Shields to avoid that glitter look under your eye. I applied the gold along my brow bone, the lavender on my lid and the darker purple along the crease. I found that pairing it with Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics Lavender Pearl along my lower lid really made it all come together. Not to mention it made my hazel eyes scream “Look at me!”


Love it! Have you had the chance to scoop these products up yourself yet?

*Photo Credit: (c) MAC Cosmetics & Shannon Nelson