It has killed me to keep quiet about the Hello Kitty collection from MAC Cosmetics! I went to the editor preview back in November and have been under embargo until now! I’m sure you’ve seen the leaks out there that MAC is launching Hello Kitty (and Hello Kitty Couture ooh la la) in February. You’ll be able to find it here in the states on February 12th and internationally it will be available in March.

Here’s some pictures from the event and of the products. There will also be an amazing video coming out in February that beauty editors got to see that really captured the essence of this collection. Hello Kitty is a little bit innocent…and a little bit naughty.

From Left to right: Julia from All About the Pretty, Erika from Makeup Bag, me and Lianne from The Makeup Girl

This was the very innocent girl with her Hello Kitty doll. She is wearing colors from the palette below.

This would be the very naughty and playful kitty (you’ll know what I mean when the video goes live.) The palette of colors she is wearing is below:

There is also an accessories line and the couture collection will be launching later on (date still unknown.) The tote you see at the beginning of this post was by far the most popular among all of the beauty bloggers there. We all oohed and aahed when it was talked about.

My thoughts on this collection is that it is very bright and playful. And in this economy, who couldn’t use something fun and imaginative in their lives? Many of the beauty blogs have the official images from the collection posted to their blogs, but I thought it would be more fun to show you the collection through my eyes.

So what do you think? Will it be a hit?

Photo Credit: Tote from MAC Cosmetics, all other images are (c) Shannon Nelson and cannot be reused without expressed written permission.