MAC A Novel Romane Fall 2014 Collection 3If you’re more into reading naughty-but-nice Harlequin romance novels as opposed to mommy porn 50 Shades Of Grey, you’ll be pleased to know that MAC is launching a collection for fall 2014, inspired by your guilty pleasure reads, entitled “A Novel Romance.” And I guarantee there are going to be plenty of hilarious lipstick names.

The collection will be available online August 14 and in stores on August 21. It features a range of lipglass, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. We already know that the makeup will be fabulous because MAC could have a collection based off of sewer rats and it would still sell out. (I would have bought yellow foundation from The Simpsons x MAC collaboration because I liked the packaging so much.) What I didn’t expect was the ads to be so LOL funny. MAC went full-out and mocked up their own version of OTT romance novel covers. Looking at these ads, makes me wish that they would release a dirty novel with the makeup because I would love to know more about the people in these photos (and I don’t even like trashy romance novels). While you are waiting for all of the new lipstick shades and rainbow-colored eyeshadows to be released, these photos will keep you entertained until then:

MAC A Novel Romane Fall 2014 Collection 1Is that not the lovechild of Fabio and Khal Drogo? He clearly mastered the smokey eye. I am so impressed with his eyeliner technique, that I do not care about the milkmaid and her cups that runneth over. On a side note, I hope the collection has makeup colors similar to the sky and foliage because they are so pretty. I want an eyeliner in the purple of the sky.

MAC A Novel Romane Fall 2014 Collection 2

Why is there always a pirate in every single romance novel? Or at least I think there is, because they are always on the covers. This man of the sea definitely isn’t the rough-and-tumble Jack Sparrow type. He accessorized with a Coachella headband, shaved armpits, and are those leather pants? An entire novel could be written about what it is like to be on a boat wearing skintight leather pants. I doubt there is a dry cleaner on board.

MAC A Novel Romane Fall 2014 Collection

Romance novel rule #1: No matter what you are doing, whether it is fending off evil sorcerers and rescuing a princess, or climbing on a rocky cliff, you must always remember that your hair is the most important thing. As for his wardrobe, I’m surprised they didn’t cut his kilt in half, because it is far too long for a proper sexy novel cover. It has to be mid-thigh or shorter.

(Photos: MAC via. Refinery29)