As a fashion and beauty site (but one interested in the whole lady diaspora, obviously) we have to do a certain amount of coverage of fashion and beauty campaigns. For the most part, they are uniformly boring. Because they are all the same.

…Thankfully, those wily pigment junkies at MAC Cosmetics just went and made our job a little more interesting:

mac cosmetics female bodybuilder campaign

Yup, that’s a real live female bodybuilder… in a beauty campaign.

This is a body type we’re completely unused to seeing represented in beauty advertising–so unused to it, in fact, that it’s jarring. But it’s also quite a lovely ad.

The woman in question is Jelena Abbou, the campaign is called “Strength.” Per Wikipedia, Abbou is a “Figure competitor/model” from Serbia. Per Google Images, her abs are ridiculously ripped.

We hate to gush over any form of advertising–the idea is still buy foundation! buy lipstick! buy eyeliner! you need it to be pretty (/strong)!–but it’s refreshing and admirable that MAC has cast a sort of woman who seldom appears outside of fitness magazines. Sure, this isn’t a dramatic change from the norm–Abbou is still conventionally pretty and in crazy good shape–but it’s still a welcome one.

There’s at least one more shot from this particular campaign, but it seems to be the actual product.