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There are many good reasons to quit doing drugs. For one, you might not die of an overdose. For another, you won’t be as likely to go to jail. But singer Macy Gray also points out a good reason to give up your drug of choice: it’ll probably make you look better. From an interview in The Telegraph:

Her age prompted her to cut down on drugs (whereas she previously listed a joint as one of three things she would take into space, along with clean underwear and George Clooney.)

‘It’s vanity, really,’ she confesses. ‘At a certain age drugs make you look really bad. When you’re 20 you can party all night and look good; you wake up, throw on some sunglasses, you look great. Once you get into your thirties it takes a long time to shake it off. I was like, “I can’t do this anymore, it’s starting to show!’

Well, hey, whatever reason you pick to get off the drugs, I guess it’s a good one.