Huffington Post‘s celebrity section has a knack for being melodramatic, but when they posted a photo of Madonna walking through Midtown Manhattan with sunglasses and a hat on, the headline on the front page bordered on obnoxious: “BARELY RECOGNIZABLE.” Why was she so unrecognizable? Because she wasn’t wearing makeup. Madonna without makeup. A celebrity without makeup. Fear.

For the record, there are definitely some celebrities who are difficult to identify when they’re not wearing makeup. Typically, these are folks like Tammy Fae Baker, Snooki, Adam Lambert or Kim Kardashian — people who tend to wear a considerable amount of makeup, particularly bronzer and eye makeup, both of which tend to sculpt the face into looking like it has a different bone structure. However, despite Madonna regularly getting ridiculously Photoshopped, she is not a celebrity who looks particularly different sans makeup.

But that is not really the most absurd thing about this. The most absurd thing is that she is wearing sunglasses, giant coat and a Heizenberg hat — of fucking course she looks “barely recognizable.” I’m pretty sure that’s the point of celebrities wearing outfits that border disguises for 1940s spy films: to evade those you do not want recognizing you.

Obviously, the photo at the top of this page is not the picture in question (apparently our photo providers do not stalk at the same times), but it is what I assume most media outlets which Madonna would look like 100% of the time. Cheerdonna 4evr.

Photo: Dominic Chan /