make yourself amazing

Look at the images above. Do you find them “aesthetically unpalatable?” Magazines do, and they wanted them replaced with pictures of bikini models.

The Daily Mail reports that when a liposuction clinic attempted to advertise using the ad above: 

A cosmetic surgery clinic that submitted, to several magazines, advertising photographs featuring ‘problem areas’ of female patients, was repeatedly told to replace the images with something more ‘aesthetically palatable’

The ads featured a banner asking, ‘Can’t shift your…?’ above the small, non-offensive pictures, before going on to offer information about the new procedure.

Advertisers at several magazines rejected the images, requesting that the body area shots be replaced with the body of a slim, tanned model in a bikini.


I do not find images of muffin tops aesthetically unpalatable. Like, at all. Not even a little bit. There are many things that I do find unpalatable, such as the fact that a woman who does not look like a bikini model cannot be featured in a magazine – even in the confines of having procedures done to make her look like a bikini model. It seems absurd that the notion of any woman having a muffin top is too horrifying for advertisers.

I sincerely feel that advertisers are going to have a lot of trouble dealing with actual human beings or inhabiting a human body if they find these images disgusting. But then, maybe they are all bikini models who have just chosen to go into advertising because they really like Mad Men. I don’t know.

Picture via MYA