I didn’t know that today I’d wake up and come across one photo collage that encompassed two of my favorite ladies of all time: Game Of ThronesArya Stark Maisie Williams and my heart’s true ruler, Lorde. Also, there was a pun involved, so basically I am ready to start giving out high fives to the next person who crosses my path. Get ready for me, UPS delivery guy!

It looks like Williams had some down time between shooting GOT and decided to try out a Lorde-style darker lip color. She carries it well and it looks great on her–I’m so unused to seeing her out of her Arya costume that I was completely bowled over by how clean she was. I love that she nails the Lorde snarl and wild hair, and I’m just going to go ahead and say that Williams should wear dark lipstick more often.

Williams has one of the best Twitter presences out there, and she posts hilariously goofy videos and random thoughts that just make me want to show up at her house and offer to be her best friend, which is super not okay because I think that might constitute stalking. Yeah, I am going to walk that back. That would be an invasion, and I am not okay with crossing that boundary. I’ll stick to covering my room in Arya Stark posters.

Now if only these two started hanging out IRL, I think my brain would just about explode. One can hope!

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images