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Leave it to Pat McGrath to pull off something so crazy and beautiful for a fashion show. After all, the maker of Gold 001 and Phantom 002 clearly has no fear, so she should be the one to help Maison Margiela pay tribute to David Bowie with some of the beauty looks on their couture runway. It just makes sense.

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Though no one has come out and explicitly confirmed that the looks were directly inspired by Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust days, it’s hard not to draw the comparison. Several of the models wore jagged, mullet-esque wigs in bright colors, and a lot of the makeup in unmistakably Bowie. One model wore metallic stars and glitter around her eyes, paired with a black-and-red lip, while another sported deep green hair complemented with asymmetrical eye makeup:

margiela 2

A third model wore a purple wig and had black sequins covering one eyebrow, leaving the other plain:

margiela 3

The Cut points out that this might have been a nod to a condition that David Bowie had called anisocoria, which made his eyes appear to be two different colors.

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This isn’t the first time McGrath and Margiela have teamed up on David Bowie-inspired makeup for a show—their ready-to-wear show last fall was chock full of it—so it’s not entirely off-base to assume that they went down that again. Of course, since this show ran after Bowie’s untimely death after a long battle with cancer, the allusion and potential tribute is that much more poignant. I think it’s safe to say that, if he were still here to see it, he would have appreciated the extraordinariness of it all.

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(Photos: Francois G. Durand/Getty Images)