We’ve seen a few different highlighter trends emerge from those that dazzle to those that light up the night with their megawatt shine. We’ve seen everything from neon strobing to the reverse highlighter trend. We’ve even seen inner eye strobing. The latest highlighter look, flare highlights, just might top all of the previous ones in terms of shine, because it makes it look like your skin is reflecting the light.

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The look was created by Instagrammer The Study Of Makeup and it’s going viral thanks to its striking finish. Typically, even the most intense highlighter looks are blended into the skin, but the Instgrammer’s aren’t. The result is a flash, or make that flare, on the skin. It looks a bit like the flash mark on your forehead you get in photos if you have have a greasy T-zone, but way better.

The makeup artist told Allure that the secret to her look is the tool she applies it with. She explains that she applies her highlighter with a very dense, wet eyeshadow brush as opposed to a large fan brush. She explains that this “condenses” and “centralizes” the pigment for a more radiant, focused fine.

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That’s not all. She also says that she takes her highlighter game to the next level with Swarovski crystals. Yup, really. She drew inspiration from them after receiving a crystal-studded tiara from her boyfriend. Now she incorporates a single crystal in the center of her highlight flare to pick up the light even more.

What's your favourite highlight? Subtle, glow or flare? ???? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS BLOW UP ?❤️

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While it remains to be seen how well the look will translate IRL, it’s definitely something we’re eager to try on a sunny day.