julianne-hough-blackface-instagramI know we’re not the only website in the world that’s been saying, “Don’t do blackface for Halloween.” But somehow every year someone does blackface for Halloween.

This year it is Ryan Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough—a “dancer, actress, artist, musician!” according to her Twitter profile—who painted her face and hair brown to be Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” from Orange is the New Black.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an actor is wearing blackface or is just tan and photographed badly, so for reference here is Julianne Hough on a recent red carpet:

Julianne-Hough-normalI find it inconceivable that any successful person in Hollywood would not know that showing up in blackface was going to cause a lot of offense and outraged media coverage. It’s so far-fetched that I find myself thinking she knew and did it anyway. As The Simpsons‘ Milhouse once said of getting in trouble, “Trouble is a form of attention.”

Seriously, she was in a large OitNB group costume, and not one of those other ladies stopped to opine that maybe painting herself brown was a bad idea? It looks like the other people in the group opted to dress up as OitNB‘s white characters.

Hough can’t even claim that she painted herself brown because she’s just that dedicated to wearing an “accurate” Halloween costume, because her outfit is all wrong. Suzanne doesn’t even wear orange! Only new inmates wear orange. Suzanne has been at the prison for a while, and she wears khaki the entire time she is on the show. Also, Suzanne does not wear Chuck Taylors.

Look, it’s just a terrible idea to paint yourself as a person of another ethnicity for a costume. It is possible to dress as a person or character of another race without painting oneself brown, it just requires a little bit more effort in duplicating the clothing and mannerisms of the person or character in question. God help us, Miley Cyrus is the voice of reason here.

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Via TMZ/Photos: Instagram/OITNBmemes, WENN