It’s the end of the year. Most people are focusing on Christmas (and the interesting festive holiday trends) along with their New Year’s Eve makeup looks. It’s not completely about seasonal stuff because the internet is alright with what looks like the latest product in Too Faced‘s peach collection, the Too Faced White Peach Palette.

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Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino did say that there were more peach products in the works, but the latest peach teaser didn’t come from one of his signature #sneakypeeks. It’s reported that Instagrammer @EnjoyPhoenix posted an unboxing video of an assortment of peach products and the White Peach Palette was inside. Images of the palette were shared by @Trendmood1 with a few others releasing photos of the palette.

From the photos, we can see that the Too Faced White Peach Palette has a pale purple case with “White Peach” written across it. When it’s opened up, there are 14 peach eyeshadows inside. The colors range from soft warm ivory to shimmering black.

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From the photo, we can see that the colors in the palette are Peach Creme (matte ivory), Peach Suede (matte pale peach), Peaches & Dreams (matte golden peach), Crème de la Peach (matte golden yellow), Peach Sorbet (matte pale orange), Glistening Peach (shimmering reddish peach), Peach Smoothie (matte peach pink), Sweet Fig (matte neutral pink peach), Peach Ice (shimmering white), Fuzzy (matte warm peach), On the Grill (matte black brown) and Peach Passion (shimmering blackened purple).

There is no release date of the palette, but there are reports that it could be launching in mid-January to February with it possibly being an exclusive to Sephora. We’ll keep you updated when the details are confirmed by  Too Faced.