We love perfume here at The Gloss. As far as I am concerned, pondering one’s perfect signature scent is an excellent use of a weekend. But even with all the possible fragrances out there, it can be difficult to find one that is perfect for you. If you make your own, however, you’re virtually guaranteed to have something perfect for your personality and completely unique. When you’re out and someone asks you what scent you’re wearing, you can just say, “Oh, I made it myself.” That’s always cool.

Check out these 12 ways to DIY your own perfume.

1. Perfumed Body Powder

8320aa990e12fca0d38aadd045789778Grandma used to wear perfumed body powder. Now you can too, in any scent you like.

2. DIY Solid Perfume

dd1ba787a5184f6ddd0356582512bf11OK, this looks really fun.

3. DIY Solid Perfume Jewelry

c7095172bde534581a8c30cea610f512And you can stick the solid perfume in jewelry. I am definitely doing this after work today.

4. DIY Perfume Kit

1a0bb8d8d22ecfe1003a2e84963323b9Once you have this, you will start putting your own signature scent on everything.

5. DIY Perfume Soap

714f4837835ba9c96cdf6e98c33fda4fYou can even make your own perfumed soap

6. Heart notes, base notes, and top notes

e4587225b05db20df8dbf6b5a86a6544The perfume you buy at the store has layers of different notes to give it complexity. This will help you achieve the same kind of layers. Jasmine and black pepper sound pretty good right about now.

7. How to make perfume from vodka

c6691f3d13e1c91158581721614187b3Well this sounds like a fun night.

8. Homemade eau de parfum

b89730dedea7951b54c82addd27245ddThis tutorial is gorgeous, and very clear.

9. How to make perfume from roses

555bf71857ed7b0491750bb6abea4855Instead of essential oil and vodka, you can make your perfume directly from flowers. This lady had a surplus of pink roses, and that’s exactly what she did with them.

10. Making perfume with kids

cf443c25ccdc134763becdd26790306cThis version is easy enough for kids. No guarantees on how great it will smell, though.

11. How to make perfume oils

SONY DSCI always loved perfume oils. Something about them just seems more fancy than perfume sprays. This one smells like red velvet cake.

12. DIY Perfume locket

367426d3525d57b90fd45ed35398f6d0This seems like something a Victorian romance heroine would wear.

(Photos: Pinterest)