We all know (or we all should know) that great makeup becomes even greater when you begin with a fabulous face – a flawless canvas, if you will. In fact, no amount of makeup, whether bargain priced or costly, will ever look “right” on a face that isn’t properly prepared for it.

Question: Is your face prepared?

Maybe it is, and if so, that’s great. Good for you for being on a skin care regimen and sticking with it. But if you need any help at all (or even if you’re just curious to see what else is out there in the vast and sometimes scary world of skin care), let me introduce you to a hot new site called BeautyStat.com .

BeautyStat.com was founded by Ron Robinson, a one-time research and development executive for some of the world’s top beauty firms, including Estee Lauder, Avon and Revlon. Mr. Robinson realized that his job as a scientist, developing product after product to market to us unsuspecting and oh-so-eager beauty addicts, was actually doing a disservice to the very people he wanted to help. So to eliminate the confusion, Mr. Robinson began BeautyStat.com, a community where members join (for free!) and receive customized product recommendations based on their skin care types and needs. There are forums for chatting and asking questions, opportunities to create blog posts, articles on all the latest beauty buzz, chances to win prizes and more. It’s a super cool place I spend a lot of time at and find very useful.

So while I’ll talk my head off about makeup every single day at this site, I’ll also harp on the importance of skin care, since whipping your skin into shape will make the most fabulous blush even more fabulous and the most amazing concealer that much better. The two definitely go hand in hand.

Do you have any skin care tips you’d like to share? Feel free to do so here in the comments and/or join BeautyStat.com and share (and learn) over there as well. While you’re there, “Friend” me (my Username is – no surprise! – Liberty). See you there!

In the interest of full disclosure, I do work closely with Mr. Robinson and the EIC of BeautyStat, contributing articles and other writing goodies. However, BeautyStat.com would be a favorite haunt of mine regardless of whether I had anything professional to do with them or not, and that’s a promise. It’s just an amazing community that I know you’ll love!