Brett Freedman, Makeup Artist & Founder of Vanitymark Cosmetics

Brett Freedman, Makeup Artist & Founder of Vanitymark Cosmetics

Next up in our series of Makeup Minute How To’s are tips on making foundation last.  Foundation is an essential for women who want coverage but getting your makeup to last the duration of the day can be a challenge.

Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman (who keeps stars like Reba McIntyre and Jenna Fischer looking gorgeous) gave us his top three tips for foundation with staying power:

1. My first trick to getting a foundation that holds up is to find a long wear formulation. I LOVE Revlon’s ColorStay Active Light Foundation. It’s super sheer, comes in an amazing color range and has SPF 25.  That’s  not even the best part. The stuff STAYS. Oh, it won’t come off till you take it off. It’s so lightweight it lets the skin breath. Very important in the warmer months.

2. Switch to an oil free moisturizer. Apply while face is still damp. Denser moisturizers can sometimes  ‘break down’ foundation. Lock in moisture right after cleansing and allow your moisturizer to dry completely. You’ll use less foundation and it will really absorb and adhere to skin. This trick is all about timing. Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Face Lotion (an oil free moisturizer) is one of my faves!

3. Set with loose powder and a big fluffy brush. A compact is good for touch ups but for a solid, diffused finish to just applied foundation there is nothing better than loose powder. Finely milled powder works best to really get in there and ‘set’ every little area. A big fluffy brush insures even distribution. NARS Loose Powder has an amazing feel and ultra soft on the skin. 

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