If I had to choose one desert island beauty essential, lip balm would be IT. My reasoning is simple – a good lip product is a multi- tasker in the truest sense of the word.  I’ve listed 10 possible uses below… If you can think of more, leave a comment!


1.  A thick balm or gloss is an excellent brow tamer.

2. Apply with a clean mascara wand to add a natural gloss to lashes.

3. Moisturize dry cuticles.

4. Use a teeny bit warmed between finger tips to calm flyaways or split ends.

5. Condition dry knees or elbows.

6. Soothe pesky diaper rash on the wee ones.

7. Calm minor irritations or burns.

8. Mix with loose pigments or crushed shadows to create your own cream eye colors.

9. Use a bit of lip balm to stop the bleeding from minor shaving cuts.

10. Obviously, add shine and moisturize to lips!

Image  of Smith’s Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm ($7) via Sephora.com.