If you’re addicted to highlighter, the ultimate glow for you is probably to look like a unicorn thanks to their prismatic, ethereal vibe. However, Makeup Revolution is proving that other magical creatures make brilliant inspiration for highlighter products (and looks) with its new Dragon and Mermaid Highlighters ($8.99).

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If you’re already addicted to a unicorn glow, you will know that Makeup Revolution has a I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart ($8.99) highlighter. Like the name implies, the highlighter comes in a heart-shaped package featuring a rainbow highlighter with red, green, blue, purple and yellow shades.

The Mermaid Highlighter and Dragon Highlighter both come in similar heart-shaped packages, but have different colors to suit their respective themes. The I Heart Makeup Dragon’s Heart Highlighter ($8.99) contains the appropriate fiery shades. The colors include red, coral pink, gold, ivory and yellow. They can be worn together or swirled to create a flattering rose gold highlighter shade.

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If you’re more of a mermaid girl, you’ll like the mix of pastel and gold tones in the I Heart Makeup Mermaid’s Heart Highlighter ($8.99). The palette includes blue-green, aqua, gold, yellow and pale pink shades. Wear them individually or mix them together for an icy, strobed finish.

Whether you want to be a mermaid, dragon, unicorn or a combination of all of them, you can shop the Makeup Revolution highlighters right now. A word of warning: The unicorn one frequently sells out so grab them while you can.