Benefict Cosmetics Beyond BronzeDo the Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit ($34, Benefit Cosmetics)

It is a very thrilling experience when you walk through the shiny doors of any makeup store. There are thousands of multicolored products just waiting for you to test them. The individual bottles of nail polish, tubes of lipstick and eyeshadow singles are lust-worthy, but they just cannot compete with the makeup set on display next to them.

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It doesn’t really matter the specific items that are in a set. It will catch your eye whether it is filled with only lip liners or whether it filled with everything to do a complete makeup look. What matters is that you can get all this stuff for one price right here, right now, instead of having to shop around and figure out what works together on your own. Asking someone to choose between individual makeup items and a set is like asking them to choose between a single cupcake or a box of twelve with assorted flavors. Everyone is going to go for the box.

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner

Always Sharp Lip Liner Set ($89, Smashbox)

One of the great things about makeup sets is that they give you options. If it’s a set that features one type of product, it means that you probably have enough new lip color options or eyeshadow choices for at least a week. (And if you blend them, that’s even more.) If you are considering a set with different kinds of products, you probably have enough things in there to do a full look. What’s more, is that they all work together. There is no figuring out what gloss goes best with what eyeshadow because the set has already done it for. If you have ever made an unfortunate makeup pairing, you will know how critical it is that your all makeup products works together.

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We also cannot forget about the packaging. Regular makeup packaging is normally fabulous, but makeup sets always have a bit of something extra. Your nail polish could come in a tube shaped like a champagne bottle, or you could get makeup housed in a keepsake clutch. Even if it just comes in a pretty box, it is still great because it will make you feel like you are opening up a present. It doesn’t matter if you already know what is in it, or that you have to pay for it. Who doesn’t love the idea of opening up a gift and seeing all of the goodies inside for the first time?

bareMinerals Up Close and Beautiful Starter Kit

Up Close and Beautiful: 30 Day Complexion Starter Kit ($22, bareMinerals)

Of course we cannot forget about the price. Makeup sets can be pricey, but you are still saving yourself money in the long term. After you spend 10 minutes admiring all of the things in the set and checking out the packaging, you probably look at the price. Then you will see the retail value next to it. The retail value is normally $20 more, and sometimes it can be double what the price of the set is. You cannot buy the items individually for the price you would pay for the entire set.

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Some people may say that makeup sets aren’t all they are cracked up to be because you never actually end up using all of the products that come in one. However, it is no different with buying regular makeup. Makeup sets really help you figure out what you love, what you like and what you aren’t a big fan of. Most of them come with trial sizes, so if you decide one product isn’t the greatest, it isn’t as upsetting as if you bought the full-sized one. Plus, if there is something you’re uncertain about it the kit, you could end up liking it when you mix it with another product in the set.

Furthermore, makeup sets allow you to experiment with products or shades that you might not have otherwise tried. When you’re purchasing a set, there are probably three or four things in it that you are already in love with, but there may be some you’re not sure about. With a set you can justify getting it because the good stuff outweighs the unsure stuff. However, you would not purchase an individual product you were on the fence about it. When you end up finding something you like in a set that you never would have thought you would, it is one of the biggest payoffs and the reason why sets are so darn great.

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