Organizing your makeup is harder than cleaning out your closet. It’s easy to just shove your clothes in your closet and say you’ll sort them out later, but with makeup there’s never enough drawer space in the bathroom for your collection of lipsticks, and piling everything on your vanity just doesn’t look nice. Besides, even if you had the space, you don’t want to just toss everything in the back of a cupboard and forget about it, you want to see all of the pretty nail polish and eyeshadow shades. It would also be nice if there was a way you could organize your makeup and be able to find your favorite red lipstick without making a mess. Luckily there are solutions that are as practical as they are creative.

Check out 15 cute ways to organize your beauty products:

1. Small Baskets

Small Bins Makeup Storage

Take it a step further and embroider what each basket contains on the front. You must write in en français though.

2. SilverwareSilverware

I bet this is how Sansa Stark stores her makeup brushes and beauty products. I wonder if they have Chanel anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Multi-Drawer Bin

Multi-Drawer Makeup Storage

So this is what all of those clear plastic containers are for at Bed Bath & Beyond. Choose a larger or smaller one, depending on how big your beauty stash it, and promise you’ll try to keep it this neat.

4. Hanging Shoe OrganizerShoe Organizer Makeup Storage

I used to do this. Sadly, I don’t own an eighth as many lip gloss as this lucky person, and I don’t think I own one Chanel product, yet alone 26. Jealous, me? No.

5. Drawer DividersDrawer Dividers

Desks are not for pens and old papers. Move all of that stuff out of one drawer so you can use it for your makeup. You’ll probably be tempted to leave the drawer open all of the time since it looks so pretty.

6. Small Basket Drawer DividersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you find the last drawer organizer a bit too intense, dividing your makeup into individual baskets works too. No matter how rushed you are in the morning, remember to put your lip balm away in the right one.

7. JarsJars Makeup Storage

Instead of placing your jars in the traditional way, set them on their sides. It’s a simple switch but offers an entirely new look. It’s probably a good idea to brace the bottom ones and glue the top ones to the bottom, so they don’t roll away.

8. Tiered Cake StandCake Stand Makeup Sorage

A layered shower caddy also works, but that isn’t as pretty as a cake stand. If you have an extensive makeup collection, select one with more tiers and a wider diameter.

9. Skulls

Skulls Makeup Storage

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own 28 makeup brushes, you can shove lip glosses and eyeliners in here too. If for some reason black skulls don’t go with your decor, redecorate–or look for something else equally cool.

10. Drawer OrganizersOffice Drawers Makeup Storage

Here’s another drawer organizer for you. You can find these types of containers at office supplies stores since Sephora isn’t selling them–yet.

11. Lipstick DividerLipstick Organizer Makeup Storage

When you’re looking for a specific lipstick shade, it is always the last one you come across after digging through all of your other makeup. This DIY storage idea lets you see all of your colors. If you have OCD makeup organizing, like me, group them into colors.

12. Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars Makeup Storage

You can choose an opaque or clear one, but I suggest the later. As your interior decorator would tell you, “the visible products will add a splash of color to the room.”

13. Spice RackSpice Rack Makeup Storage

This genius idea allows you to see all of your pretty polish colors. If space is tight, the wall mount racks are great.

14. Magnetic BoardMagnetic Board Makeup Storage

If you’re short on drawer space, this is your solution. You’ll probably have to DIY this magnetic board, but look at how cute the results are. It’s better than any vintage movie poster.

15. Paper Divider

Eyeshadow Palette Storage

Who would have thought that office supplies doubled as brilliant makeup organizers? If you don’t have an eyeshadow palette addiction, choose a smaller one to store your quads and trios.