Robert Moulton, makeup artist and Creative Director of DEX New York, wants you to look your best this Valentine’s Day. And hey, even if you don’t have someone special to spend it with, at least you will look like you do.

The sweetheart look:

Eyes– Sweep a soft shimmer beige brown shadow on entire lid extending up to the crease.
Suggested product: DEX’s Mineral Loose Pigment in City Brass Center

Next- use a soft chocolate brown eye pencil on top and wedging between lashes, making a thicker line on outer corner, then blend top line with a soft brush.
Suggested product: DEX’s Luxe Cream Eyeliner

Cheeks– Use a blush in a red or pink color and apply softly with finger tips on the apple’s of cheeks.
Suggested product: DEX’s Mineral Pressed Blush in Hell’s Kitchen

Lips– apply any color in the pink or red family in a tinted sparkly shinny gloss.
Suggested product: DEX’s Lip Gloss in Christopher St. Orchid or Mott St. Cherry

So you want to be sexy and seductive:

Eyes-apply a chocolate shimmer or mat color on lid extending up to the crease, next apply a shade darker in a metallic metal or dark brown on lid only.
Suggested product: DEX’s Mineral Pressed Powder in Grand Central Coffee and Dakota Spice

Next- take a black eye liner pencil and rim inside entire eye top and bottom, then with the same eye pencil apply on top lash line extending thicker on outer corners.
Suggested product: DEX’s Powder Eye Liner in Coal

Next- apply false eye lashes on top lashes in a edgy style depending on personal taste. Make sure you measure and cut the lashes accordingly to your eye shape.

Cheeks-using a cream blush with finger tips apply in a pink or red tone on apple’s of cheeks, then follow with the same color in a powder blush and apply on top of cream blush for a hot sexy blushing cheek.
Suggested product: DEX’s Mineral Pressed Blush in Soho Plum Wine

Lips– use a hot pink or vibrant red lip pencil and fill in entire lip, follow with a lip stick color to match, last apply a sparkly shinny lip gloss over entire lip, don’t be shy about the gloss.
Suggested product: DEX’s Slimline Lip Pencil and Lipstick in Broadway Cranberry

All products mentioned can be found at DEX New York.