Freckles are wonderful. Sure, I’ve spent my time with lemon juice and dark spot correctors, but when it comes down to it, freckles are the best summer accessory. But they can generate a particular cosmetic conundrum: How do you wear makeup without making your freckles look weird? Foundation or heavy makeup can make your freckles look chalky, and the semi-visible freckles just emphasize the thickness of your foundation. You don’t want to look too caked-in, especially during the summer, and freckles are too cute to not make the most of. So here are 12 beauty tips that will help make the most of your freckles.

1. How to enhance freckles


Freckles make makeup more difficult. Foundation covers them, but not completely, so you can easily just wind up looking chalky. Here’s how to play them up and make the most of them.

2. Making freckles pop in Photoshop

614443b5790838fd85522cae6438cc5dIf you have all those great freckles, you don’t want them to blur away. Here’s how to make sure they don’t disappear in Photoshop.

3. Foundation for freckles

2269b8f57f085bf7de5af3b2596ea3b1To be able to wear foundation without blending away your freckles, pick a shade that falls somewhere about halfway between your freckles and the skin around them.

4. Tinted moisturizer

39554ab4b1e80837709f6527a3e0c7b6Tinted moisturizer is excellent for people with freckles. It’s only diet foundation, but the sheer formula means it won’t cover up your freckles too much.

5. Coral blush

98f7d90a9f1c13c5bd3860a6bccdb77bA coral blush seems to work well with freckles and make them pop.

6. Cheek stain

868bba97a7857403328193fdab914ecbPersonally, I like a cheek stain or a sheer cream blush to help keep things looking young and glowy, instead of too powdery.

7. Orange lip gloss

5aea8ee899b4d4bd77f45a1828a5947cHonestly, I never thought I would recommend orange lip gloss for anything, but if you have freckles, orange lip gloss is weirdly perfect for summer. You will look all summery and beachy, and your freckles will stand out nicely.

8. Fake freckles


I never thought I’d suggest fake freckles, but this woman’s actually look pretty realistic.

9. Freckle pencil

15afdbd9dbb7e752c2ccb0a42ebf98a9Topshop is actually making a special pencil for drawing on freckles. Apparently the key is a “marbleized formula” that makes it so no two freckles are exactly the same shade, because real freckles aren’t.

10. Highlighter

30b948157fe8c864df67cb270c815fa8The reason people seem to want freckles so badly is that they seem youthful and bright. Play that up with some highlighter, like this one from Benefit.

11. The brown smoky eye

8b3358238eee9e488ea5352b39444edfA black smoky eye can be a bit too harsh for summer, but a brown one is perfect. As a plus, the color really complements freckles.

12. Bronzer

5f6ab5cd250a2dc9fede51b268234755When looking for a bronzer, look for a matte color with a peachy tone. Shimmery or glittery ones for some reason tend to make freckles look muddy.