Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup and hair -- melting ice cream cone

Each week, I do a tutorial based on a movie coming out, my drinking habits or a book I’ve begun rereading. They’re typically not super practical for day-to-day wear, so today, I thought I would do something a little more helpful for all of our everyday lives: heatproof hair and makeup. Why? Because the part of the country I live in has been kind of melting my face off.

In addition to climate changes that are totally out of my control, I also am a huge sweater.

too big sweater

No, not that kind, you crazy joker. This kind:

gif do not feel sexy

Glamorous, I know! But it’s true, unfortunately, and I am more than a little embarrassed about it. So, heat waves are basically my enemy, as I wind up arriving to places looking absolutely terrible. As a result, I’ve learned quite a few tricks and techniques to avoid looking like the Wicked Witch of the West met a Slip ‘N Slide when I get to work.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I received some of these products from various companies, but this is by no means a paid advertising sort o’ deal. I would not recommend something without trying it myself and loving it (unless I had already heard great things from people I trust). Next week, I’ll be doing a more comprehensive guide to products that can help fight the humidity and heat, but for now, I’ll just show you how I do it myself.


First of all, I shower primarily at night. In the morning, I do a quick cold rinse, but that’s it; washing my hair at night helps keep me (A) save time in the morning and (B) avoid getting overheated since rinsing your head under hot water for ten minutes is not exactly conducive to staying cool while getting ready.

As for the products to use when you want your hair to stay nice and glossy, free of humidity-ridden flyaways, there are some I have been trying lately that work wonders. In this tutorial, I picked got2b Oil-licious shampoo and conditioner, as they add a considerable amount of moisture into hair and also have a strong scent, good for lasting through the night and feeling fresher. It’s kind of a perfume-y smell, which I personally love, but it is important to keep that in mind if you wash your hair in the morning and plan on adding actual perfume later; clashing scents are never a good thing.

Anyway, after a bit of towel- and air-drying, I applied a small squirt of Agave Oil Treatment throughout my hair, especially on the ends. I have thick, semi-coarse hair that — due to my damaging it for ages and ages via dye — absorbs moisture extremely easily and thereby frizzes quickly. In the winter, I use styling creams, but when it’s rainy and hot, oils are the way to go for me.

Heatproof Hair -- Sephora Agave Oil Treatment

This one is rather brilliant and doesn’t affect the natural wave of my hair, so I dig it quite a bit. I then twirled my hair into a bun and slept that way.

Heatproof Hair

The next morning, I let my hair do its natural thing and didn’t use a drier, as that would lead to (surprise!) more sweating.

Heatproof Hair

I applied a teensy bit more agave oil to my ends, as well as a bit of Paul Mitchell Twirl Around to enhance its wavy curl.

Heatproof Hair

I put my hair in a bun, sprayed it with a bit of Arrojo PrIMP Working Spray and, upon arrival at my destination, took it out and flipped my hair, tousling it a bit until it did what I want. And ta-da! Long-lasting, pretty smooth hair. As for the scent, I used Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist since it adds a light floral scent without being overpowering or drying out my skin and hair.

Heatproof Hair


I apologize in advance for these pictures being very “meh.” My camera has been temperamental lately and, for the second time, deleted photos I already took that had a pretty brick background in my apartment upon uploading to my equally temperamental home laptop, so I wound up retaking them. Insert sad apologetic emoji.

Step 0: Start with a clean face. I mean, really clean. Clean like the hypothetical thoughts of a Brady Bunch kid.

Each night, I take off my makeup with a gentle cleanser, typically Amala Hydrating Cream Cleanser, and SW Basics Makeup Remover, which is very gentle and doesn’t leave a ton of residue, then I moisturize. In the morning, I rinse my face with cold water and apply a moisturizer with SPF, like Artistry Youth Xtend Protective Cream. Having your face start fresh is incredibly important to ensuring your makeup stays put — and that you don’t wind up breaking out or clogging your pores.

Step 1: Primer! Primer, primer, primer. It’s always important, but my goodness, it is so important on days like this. Not just on your T-zone, but also on your eyelids in the event you would like your eyeshadow to stay uncreased for longer than an hour. To keep everything in place on my face and eyes, I picked Dermelect Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier and Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer, respectively.

Step 2: I chose a cream concealer for my undereyes (namely, Smashbox‘s High Definition Concealer) and Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation with SPF 20 for the rest of my face. Both products last a long time and have good coverage without getting too fake-looking, especially when applied with fingers (as I prefer to do, since it gives me a lot of control), though a concealer and foundation brush or sponge would also do the trick just fine. After, I use a powder brush to press Make Up For Ever HD Powder into my skin instead of just brushing overtop so it is absorbed into the skin and looks more natural.

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup

Step 3: Use a long-lasting gel blush on like glominerals Tint for Cheeks and Lips. Don’t apply it directly to your face (it can stain a little darker in the spot it firsts is put on); I typically put a little squirt onto my hand, then rub it on my cheek. You can also use it as a lip stain if you’re in a hurry or prefer multitasking products. If it is a particularly busy or long day, you can also apply a little powder blush overtop in the same hue.

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- glominerals gel blush Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- glominerals gel blush

Step 4: I used a pale bronze eyeshadow from Too Faced‘s Glamour-To-Go palette. Pale shades are good for hot days since they don’t look horrible if they crease, as there is less intense pigmentation to layer on itself. Then, I applied a touch of the lightest gold shadow in the palette to my inner eye corners and underneath the arch of my brow.

I used my favorite long-lasting, waterproof black liquid liner — as always, Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion — because it barely fades throughout the day and, even if it rains all over my eyes, it just flakes a bit instead of running. Much less stressful and tedious to remove later. Curl lashes and a layer of mascara (I picked Wet n Wild Mega Plump Waterproof Mascara for this).

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- Eyes with Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion, Wet N Wild Mascara, Too Faced Glamour-To-Go Spun Sugar edition palette

Step 5: Apply a brow filler using a thin angled brush, but get it a teensy bit wet first. That way, the brow powder (Clinique‘s Shaper, in this case) will stay on longer. Use a brow gel like Anastasia‘s to keep them in place. Pat a little face powder overtop to seal in the color.

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- Clinique Brow Powder

Step 6: On lips, a bit of hydrating balm like Fresh Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, with SPF 15 which not only protects skin from burns, but also fills in any cracks from being dehydrated (as I, admittedly, often am when it is super hot). Use a lip stain in place of your typical lipstick, which can slide or smudge off. For this, I used a pretty berry-colored one by Palladio. Since it comes in a marker-type of form, it also allows you to define lips better than just a typical gloss or lipstick. Use a finisher over top like Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray to keep makeup staying put.

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- Palladio Lip Stain

To avoid getting that awful cake-y look that comes from applying and reapplying your makeup throughout the day, occasionally spritz on a spray like Amorepacific‘s Time Response Skin Renewal Mist to reinvigorate skin and keep it from looking dry, dull and — oh, exactly how heat waves make us all feel. Aaaand…ta-da!

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- Full Face

Also, this is what I would generally look like as a two-toed sloth.

Heatproof, humidity-proof makeup -- Sloth Face

Photos: Shutterstock / CTV.