Seventies beauty is seriously underrated. Just because the formulas were terrible and no one knew about sunscreen is no reason to discount the era’s gorgeous, trendsetting makeup looks. We’ve narrowed it down to our top three looks featuring some of the decade’s most famous faces. Which one should get a full tutorial?

photo: Wenn

Photo: Wenn

The Flower Child

Think Led Zeppelin, turquoise and aged silver jewelry, patchouli, and the layered styles that spawned Free People decades later. The hippies grew their hair long and wild, didn’t shave their pits, smoked grass, and made flower crowns. Post-Woodstock, the hippie aesthetic evolved to include ingenues like Ali McGraw and Charlotte Rampling. We love the understated femininity of peasant skirts and gauzy blouses paired with dreamy eyes and a thrifted guitar, or high waisted denim and center parted hair. Elements of hippie style, from distressed leather boots to thrifted pearl snap shirts, have remained cool kid wardrobe staples ever since.



The original hippies shunned makeup to tune in, turn on, and drop out, but we’ll show you our picks for cosmetically enhanced dewy skin, blushing lips, and softly waving hair. Look for organic products and a few Etsy jewelry finds. A beautiful, easy look for daytime dates.

Muses: Ali McGraw, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Charlotte Rampling (ingenue Diane Keaton, Faye Dunaway, Lauren Hutton)

Now: Haim

Seventies Punk

Worship at the punk altar of Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, and the Ramones. Seventies punk was sexy and dirty, and gave us some of the best female rockers of all time. Female rockers have a hard time now, and hard-rocking ladies of the seventies donned heavy liner, platform boots, and boyish shagged haircuts to command attention. The Allison Mossharts of the world have Blondie and the Runaways to thank for making shredded fishnets and dirty hair a look worth copying.

We’re slipping on our skinniest black jeans and boots and going for the peroxide shag, smoked out eyes, and snarling nude lips that were every bit as tough as the original punks’ leather jackets and Fenders. We’ll show your how to get our messy smoky eye, lived in red lip, matte black nails, and favorite products for piece-y hair, perfect for stomping around in the late night cold. Hangover not included.

Saint Laurent: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013

Photo: Getty

Muses: Nancy Spungen, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Patti Smith

Now: Karen O, Ke$ha

photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Disco Queen

The glamorous seventies are back with a vengeance in movies and runways, like the hot rollered-extravaganza of American Hustle and Saint Laurent’s gold disco mini dresses for Spring 2014. We’ve even seen a return to almond shaped and stiletto nails this year. The disco diva look is all about bold beauty statements. Liza Minelli, Jerry Hall and Pam Grier never worried about plum lipstick, false lashes, glittery heels, and naval baring cleavage being too much. They lacquered themselves from head to toe and worked it.

The diva look is all about tawny skin, frosted shadows, heavy contouring, and serious hair. This one is a look for girls who unapolagetically love makeup and all it’s glamour and artifice. We’ll channel our favorite divas and bust out the fake eyelashes, frosty blush, and lipliner for this look. Mauve will happen. Want to see a flick, mock pageboy, or a faux perm? Let us know!

Muses: Jerry Hall, Bianca JaggerSaturday Night Fever, Liza Minelli, Pam Grier

Now: Kim Kardashian

So, what’ll it be? We’ll do a full makeup tutorial for either dewy flower child, seventies punk, or glammed out disco queen. Tell us your thoughts in the comments, and give us your vote!

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