Everyone knows that a Bold Red Mouth is they key to overt sexy face. If you’re rocking a perfect statement lip, you can get away with everything from dirty hair to a less-than-flawless concealer application. The wedge sneaker trend was undoubtedly started by someone in bright lipstick.

Dita goes matte, pulls off orchids

Dita goes matte, pulls off orchids

Matte lipcolor is the next level of sophistication. Nothing says “I am trying really hard right now” like an immaculate, full color lip that looks pulled from a 1940s gangster’s moll. But matte finish lipsticks can be drying, chalky, and come in far less exciting color ranges than their satin counterparts.

Luckily, it is super easy to make any lipstick matte. Round up your favorite lipstick, translucent powder, highlighter, and a 2-ply tissue.

PSA: Matte finishes make any flaky patches highly visible. Start with a lip balm (like my beloved Nivea Lip Butter) and let it soak in while you do the rest of your makeup.

lipstick application

Start with one full coat of lipstick. This technique sets your lipstick, so lipliner isn’t strictly necessary.

blotting, round 1

Next, blot, and apply another full coat of color. Split a tissue in half, and place one ply against your mouth. Dust all over your lips with translucent powder.

dust with powder

This takes the initial stickiness off your lipstick. Remove the tissue, and dust your lips again with translucent powder until you get a matte, velvety finish. To combat the flat look, I like to pop a little powder highlighter in my cupid’s bow for some dimension.


Done! Try it with any cream lipstick, or metallics for a neat foil finish.

Want to see a review of the best matte lipsticks? Let us know!