Beauty tools are functional things, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. The recent surge in themed makeup brushes and cute sponges has proven that we loved adorably packaged beauty tools as much as we love well-designed makeup products. If you think your collection could still have some more cuteness, MakeupDrop has collaborated with Sanrio to produce two of the cutest makeup applicators: a Hello Kitty one ($20) and a Gudetama one ($20).

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The blenders were announced in early June, but POPSUGAR recently brought them to our attention. If you’re unfamiliar with MakeupDrop, the brand describes itself as having “the original silicone beauty applicator.” There was previously a plain version then a “Bloom” version featuring a flower. Now, we have two new additions to the family thanks to the Hello Kitty and Gudetama versions.

The MakeupDrop x Sanrio makeup applicators might be decorated with adorable characters but the rest of the applicator remains the same. The teardrop-shaped makeup blender is still made out of nontoxic, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic silicone. It’s also designed so it can be used with skincare and makeup products without minimal waste. (We can’t say the same about sponges.)

To use the sponge, simply apply a bit of product and get to work. The rounded side is good for covering larger areas while the point is good for smaller areas and detail work. Want more? You can also pop one of the blenders in the freezer to help de-puff skin while applying beauty products.

Both of the MakeupDrop x Sanrio silicone beauty sponges are available to shop on the MakeupDrop website now.