Sometimes, girls get to have all the fun: Especially when it comes to makeovers!

But the truth is, women shouldn’t get all the opportunities when it comes to reinvention. Just as many men are looking for a new look. And many are doing so for similar reasons: You move to a new city, or start a new job, and suddenly you realize you look exactly the same as you did in high school. And that’s when an Aly intervention comes in.

Our first candidate is Colter. Colter moved to New York City from Little Rock, Arkansas a few years ago, and has since been finding his place – in work, and in life, and in achieving his optimum look.

“My hairstyle previously has been utilitarian male: apply gel after shower and go. I have decent hair but it can get frizzy,” Colter says. He wanted a look that was easy to maintain, but also reflected his life as urban professional – who was still too young to feel boring.

We sent Colter to the very trendy John Allen’s salon in midtown New York City (, where coveted stylist Francine took care of him. “Colter has a great head of hair with a nice wave in it. No major problem areas to report. His only problem was his styling habit. His style was a bit 80’s, probably because no one has ever taken the time to show him how to style and he wore it the same every day,” Francine says.

Colter’s newly updated ‘do came with some useful instruction. “Francine suggested rather than use gel on wet hair to try pomade on dry hair; and she showed me the preferred hand movements – move the fingers lightly, don’t hammer it down (as most guys tend to do).”

The new look is long enough that you can let it out for going out at night, but short enough that you can still keep it under control for the office.

“After shaping up Colter’s locks I was then able to show him how diversified his look can be and how easy it is to achieve. With a little styling product (John Allan’s Matte Blu Pomade) and application education, Colter is comfortable with his updated ‘do and confident he can create different looks on his own!”

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